Evolution Free Mag®

Free Mag® is the brand new patented electro medical device for low frequency wireless magneto therapy, low intensity magneto therapy. Patients can benefit from this therapy on a daily basis, while sleeping in the comfort of their own bed.

Free Mag® improves quality of life by promoting self healing processes within the body. In case of trauma and muscular and osteoarticular pathologies, it reduces pain, inflammation and the length of the disability period. It stimulates tissue regeneration, speeds functional recovery time, enhances physiotherapy and rehabilitation and helps patients return to their regular and healthy life style.

Pathologies that can be treated using Free Mag®: Knee arthritis, Arthritis, Luxations, Osteoporosis, Coxarthrosis, Neck pain, Lumbago, Sprains, Fractures, Osteonecrosis, Shoulder blade-shoulder periarthritis, Chronic pain, Post-operative rehabilitation and many more...